Our purpose will be to explore the implications of Traditional thinking and principles on current events in a non-partisan way (there are no actual movements or parties that we would wish to be aligned with).
It will be based on the Old Right — what well-born people considered sane and normal prior to 1789.

We want to provide an alternative to the self-described New Right which, while occasionally paying lip service to Tradition, is based on alien principles which go by the names of: race realism, human bio-diversity, neo-paganism, technocracy, neo-darwinism, libertarianism, and similar ideas. In effect it reflects the desire to return to the status quo ante, prior to, say, 1941 or thereabouts, certainly not to 1789. In other words, it desires modernity and the values of the Enlightenment, provided it is restricted to those of European descent (assuming there can ever be agreement on those who qualify.)

That has been tried and failed, not through external forces, but rather from within. The same internal contradictions will lead to another failure. Rather than the Sophistical method of debate and defending points of view, we plan to use the Hermetic method, which is one of depth. That requires the difficult task of exposing the unspoken assumptions of any point of view. Only in such a way can any real progress be made.

We envision an alliance among

  • Adherents of the dominant Traditional religion of the West.
  • Secularists, that is, Positivists in the tradition of Auguste Comte
  • True pagans and classicists

As the supernatural does not destroy the natural, but rather presupposes it, so … a supernatural religion does not annul the natural religion, but embraces it as a necessary supposition and a foundation. ~ Heinrich Denifle

Positivists will always acknowledge the close relation between their own system and the memorable effort of medieval Catholicism. ~ Auguste Comte

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  1. Darrell Llewellyn
    2011-10-05 at 8:06 am

    Excellent idea

  2. Chris
    2011-10-12 at 10:57 pm

    What is the stance of this site on Christianity, and by Christianity I mean Orthodoxy, Roman Catholicism, and Protestantism?

  3. Perennial
    2011-10-13 at 1:33 am

    I cannot speak for the site as whole, only for myself in my writings. Valid Christianity in the true sense if found in both the Roman and Orthodox traditions. We look to Rome for our inspiration, as the Eternal City in both the spiritual (Pope) and Temporal (Emperor) sense. Therefore, The Roman Church specifically is viewed as the Church for our Western analysis, but this is not at the expense of the Orthodox, which theological differenced from Rome are not the purpose of this blog. That being said, from my analysis whereby Rome and the East are merely seperated, protestantism is an aberration and not a valid tradition at all, but rather the inversion of Tradition and all it stands for. From the Traditional standpoint protestantism is a subversive revolution against the Church, laying the foundations for the eventual revolution against the Empire and Crown, and ultimately the State itself. Protestantism is the seed of many a Western error, and a triumph of Tradition, in my view, would necessarily involve the defeat of protestantism. Cologero may have a different view, but when reading me understand that as my perspective. For further, I recommend reading on Charles Maurras and the “Four Confederated States,” and Dr. Plinio Correa de Oliveira’s Revolution and Counter-Revolution, found here: http://www.tfp.org/tfp-home/books/revolution-and-counter-revolution.html

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